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As a dentist running payroll for your practice, SurePayroll makes it easy for you to save time and money with our 3-step payroll process you can finish in minutes from anywhere there's an Internet connection.

ADA members receive exclusive pricing that can save you nearly 30 percent from standard pricing and your federal, state and local payroll taxes are calculated, filed and paid for you, so you can spend more time helping your patients.

Doing it yourself:
Calculate and deduct Social Security and Medicare taxes, as well as federal unemployment taxes — and any applicable state unemployment taxes.
Fill out and file multiple forms with the IRS and your state every year — potentially every quarter.
Make deposits to federal, state and local agencies.
Using SurePayroll:
Log in to your secure online account, enter hours and approve payroll.
Payroll taxes calculated, filed and paid for you. You're done!
SurePayroll Services also provide you with:
Let SurePayroll handle all your payroll needs.
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