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Sep 17, 2015
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Productivity Prohibitors

Productivity Prohibitors: How to Stop Them in Their Tracks

Posted On
May 27
Stefan Schumacher
Increasing productivity has become a near obsession for many workers. Partly because there are so many obstacles in our way – social media, meetings, annoying co-workers, cell phones, etc.

All these things cost us time and keep us from getting stuff done, but perhaps more important to employers, they’re hitting the bottom line:

  • Employers lose an estimated $1.8 trillion in lost productivity each year because of lack of engagement with the job, parents stressed over the cost of child care, hangovers, chronic health problems and more.

So what are business owners and employees to do? Read our infographic below to get a full understanding of how we’re being impacted by productivity prohibitors, and find out what we can do to stop them. If you still don’t find an answer to your productivity problem, check out our list of 22 Productivity Hacks.


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