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Easy. Online.
SurePayroll for Franchises.

Whether you have just a few franchises or dozens across multiple states
Multiple Franchises, Multiple Locations, One Easy Payroll Solution

Franchisors with just a few franchises in neighboring towns or 200 across 10 states can get one easy payroll solution with SurePayroll's innovative Franchise Management Portal. And whether you are just starting out or have hundreds of employees at multiple locations, our portal lets you handle payroll in minutes and we'll automatically pay and file federal, state and local payroll taxes for you.

SurePayroll's Franchise Management Portal makes multiple franchise payroll easy.

Doing It Yourself:
  • Time-consuming, accessing multiple individual accounts.
  • Manage confusion of multiple payroll bills.
  • Make deposits to multiple agencies, fill out scores of IRS forms and
    keep up with filing
    requirements for all
    your locations.
Using SurePayroll:
  • Easily manage all payroll from one secure portal with instant online access to all of your franchises.
  • Enjoy affordable and flexible subscription billing options.
  • Easy transition — nothing to
    install and no major

After initial setup you or your administrator can process payroll for all franchises in minutes from your secure online portal, or you can oversee the process as each of your locations process their own payroll in minutes. Your portal provides access to reports, employee lists and accounting software integration. And there's nothing to install and no major implementation. Simply say goodbye to spending hours accessing each individual franchise payroll or sorting through multiple bills from multiple locations.

It's that Easy!

With SurePayroll's Franchise Management Portal, you manage one easy online portal by just clicking from one business payroll to another! SurePayroll calculates wages, pays employees and helps you stay compliant with payroll taxes and regulations as we pay and file your federal, state and local payroll taxes.

SurePayroll Helps You: