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Nanny Tax Services

Figure out if you owe nanny taxes

If you employ a nanny and are uncertain what taxes you owe — and what paperwork to submit — you're not alone.

You may owe nanny taxes if you paid your nanny:

If your nanny is your spouse, parent, your child (under age 21), or anyone under 18, you are not responsible for paying nanny taxes, even if the pay threshold is exceeded.

SurePayroll Makes Managing Your Nanny Taxes a Breeze.
Doing it Yourself:
Calculate the amount to withhold for Social Security and Medicare, federal unemployment taxes (FUTA) and state unemployment taxes, if applicable in your state.
Create a separate bank account to hold all the funds.
Match the amount of your nanny's Social Security and Medicare taxes, and pay for all applicable taxes out of pocket.
Maintain payroll tax records in case of an audit.
Complete and file a 1040-ES four times a year and file a Schedule H with your annual 1040.
Create a W-2 for your nanny at the end of every year.
Failing to pay nanny taxes can result in IRS fines up to $25,000.
Using SurePayroll:
Enter your nanny's hours online.
Preview payroll to ensure everything is correct.
Click Approve — that's it! You're done.
SurePayroll will take care of your nanny taxes automatically — with satisfaction guaranteed.
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Nanny Tax Service with SurePayroll

You can rely on SurePayroll to take care of all the payments and paperwork for your nanny taxes.

With a SurePayroll account, it takes just 2 minutes to go online and process your nanny payroll.

We take care of:
*If you employ a nanny in the state of California, SurePayroll only supports employers who are designated as quarterly filers with the state. Annual filers would need to change their filing status to quarterly.