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Nanny Payroll Services

Avoid hefty IRS fines and use SurePayroll for
your Nanny Payroll
Do I need a payroll provider if I have a nanny?

If you pay your nanny $1,000 or more per quarter or $1,900 or more a year, you may be responsible for paying the Nanny Tax. Using a nanny payroll service is the easiest way to stay compliant with the current Nanny Taxes for your household payroll.

SurePayroll is designed to take care of Nanny Tax work on your behalf.
Doing It Yourself:
Calculate and deduct Social Security and Medicare taxes, as well as federal unemployment taxes — and any applicable state unemployment taxes.
Fill out and file multiple forms with the IRS and your state every year — potentially every
Make deposits to different
agencies of different
branches of
Using SurePayroll:
Enter your nanny's hours in your secure online SurePayroll account.
Instantly preview how much will be debited from your account on payday.
Approve payroll.
That's it — you're done.

Watch how easy it is for this mom:

SurePayroll files a quarterly 1040-ES on your behalf, and we provide you with a signature-ready Schedule H that you attach to your annual 1040 filing.

Our nanny payroll service helps you avoid problems with the IRS and your state's tax agency. Failing to pay your Nanny Tax can result in back taxes, penalties, interest and fines up to $25,000.

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Nanny Payroll Services

Unlike nanny payroll software, SurePayroll helps you stay compliant with the IRS and your state's household employee laws. SurePayroll for Your Nanny Payroll You can count on SurePayroll to:
*If you employ a nanny in the state of California, SurePayroll only supports employers who are designated as quarterly filers with the state. Annual filers would need to change their filing status to quarterly.