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Rosanne Wilson — 1st Independent Leasing, Inc.

I run payroll from my office computer every time I get the payroll reminder email from SurePayroll. It takes two seconds to run payroll. One click and I'm done! Thanks SurePayroll!

Wanda Alderfer — Debbie's Cleaning Service, LLC

I run payroll from my office. It's so easy because all I do is go online, enter the hours of my employees and submit. DONE. I don't have to worry about all the monthly, quarterly and year-end W-2's anymore. I don't have to print checks and deal with any of it. Since going with SurePayroll I have so much more time to meet with customers, and ensure the jobs are getting done. I can focus more of my time on my business and not the any payroll issues.

Matt Roane — Roane Family Dental

Three years ago, I had just begun my first small business and was in need of an experienced payroll company that would offer the technology and excellent customer service I demanded for my new business. I found SurePayroll to be that company. After receiving quotes from 5 other major payroll companies I found that SurePayroll was not only the most affordable and easy to use, but also offered the latest technology making it easy to submit my payroll from virtually anywhere in the world. Processing my payroll is now stress-free and super quick. Bottom line, SurePayroll offers a user-friendly format, with the best in technology, all for the best price.

Stefanie Snyder — Studio Gear Promotional Products

We are a small business. We used to use ADP for our payroll and it really wasn't a good fit for our small business. They had little fees for everything, even stuff we didn't really need. SurePayroll is way easier, less time consuming, employees get paid faster and it is less expensive for us. It's win-win all around.

Ronda Owen — Moonlight Slumber, LLC

I have used three different payroll services in the past 20 years of being a bookkeeper. This is my fourth payroll service and I have to admit out of all four, this one is the most user friendly... I am presently happy and I wouldn't want to go back to the competitors' programs for payroll services because they're so complex and SurePayroll is so easy and quick.

Karri-Lynn Dennis — Stephen J Zaluski, Inc

I have run a business for over 24 years and could not get rid of the headache of taxes and reports. I finally found a great solution. SurePayroll keeps me on track and keeps me from going bonkers. Everyone knows how hard it is to run a business and the more great help the better it goes.

Marc Abramson — ABR Industries

Bi-weekly our payroll is run from my desktop, but I can also run from my tablet. It takes less than five minutes to run payroll, it's simple, easy and quick. This gives me more time to grow our business, and that is what counts the most, making money.

Ernest Carroll — Basement Ventures

I went from a payroll nightmare in 2007 to full compliance in 2008 after joining SurePayroll. The money I've saved on penalties alone has more than paid for the service. It's absolutely the smartest money I've spent for my business.

Justin Partlow — Justin W. Partlow — Northwestern Mutual

SurePayroll has been a life saver in my business. I have been in business for myself for the past five years. Last year, I hired my first employee, and had a lot of questions about how to get everything done with payroll. SurePayroll made everything so easy, and walked me through the entire process. I am able to get a consistent paycheck, which puts my wife at ease, and at the same time, save extra business profits in my business account for future expenditures. Overall, the process to get started with SurePayroll was seamless, and now, I can concentrate my efforts on growing my practice.

Diane Nilan — HEAR US Inc.

My mobile office, Tillie the Turtle, is the scene of my payroll action ... under a tree, by a lake, along a busy highway, in a dust storm. For the past 8 years, I've lived and worked out of a small motorhome as I've traveled 167,000 miles of mostly back roads chronicling the plight of homeless children, youth and families nationwide. SurePayroll was a perfect solution for my one-person nonprofit. Click-click and I'm done. SurePayroll gives me more time for writing, filming, public speaking and editing. And when I need to spend unexpected time with a homeless family, I don't need to worry about payroll burdens. Gotta say you folks rock!

Angel Perryman — Branson Coach & NWA Charters

We can run payroll ANYWHERE we want! It's SO quick and easy we can do it right before departure! SurePayroll gives us more free time to go new places and reach new heights!

Tony Reyes — State Farm

Ayyy Chihuahua! It's helmets on, jump on, and let's go vroom, vroom with Mobile Payroll and payroll on the go! It's busy enough running a business. Why spend the little leisure time available on crunching all those numbers and racking your head filling out all those tax forms! Just click here, there, and you're done!

Doug Brown — McBro LLC dba Reindeer Ranch

I run SurePayroll on my iPhone® wherever I happen to be. This time on top of Torrey's Peak on the continental divide 14,267 feet above sea level. SurePayroll makes my life simple. All the tax work is done for me and payroll only takes a matter of minutes. I'm high on the mountain and high on SurePayroll.

Emily Dilla — Downtown Hope

SurePayroll has blown me away with their customer service. From my first conversation with their sales representative to any small problems I encounter, they are fast, efficient and highly knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them over any payroll company!

Carla Walker LMFT Strategic Coach — Carla's Counseling, Coaching and Classes

I LOVE SurePayroll! I have been in business for over 30 years. I contacted SurePayroll and it was like hitting the EASY BUTTON. I had support as I walked through each step. It has been flawless. I also like that when I need to reach someone, they answer the phone. Yippee! I don't have to worry about payroll.

Robyn Schwartz — Fianco a Fianco

Late this spring I took the big leap and hired my baking company's first employee. Together, we proudly hand make sweet-savory cheese cookies in Fort Worth, Texas. SurePayroll has been there every step of the way to ensure that my hire's pay arrives on time and that I am in compliance with state and federal employment regulations. While the health department prevents my dog Aldo from being involved in the manufacturing processes carried out in our commercial kitchen space, he's settled for supervising administrative functions in our home office. We run payroll every other Monday, and from start to finish, it takes less time than pouring my first cup of coffee and Aldo's first bowl of food. My employee sends her hours, I log in to the SurePayroll portal, enter the number, preview the totals, then approve. Aldo, seen here with the SurePayroll manual, checks to make sure that everything is accurate before I finalize things on my laptop (behind him). The time I save by not calculating tax payments or writing checks allows me to focus on overall business strategy and sales and production projections. And of course, allows Aldo and me to take longer walks.

Peter Nowicki — Flylight Media Inc.

My favorite thing about SurePayroll is that they take away a pretty huge headache for us. We are a 3-man startup and have plenty of other things to worry about. Not having to deal with quarterly tax forms while having peace of mind that they're handling it is truly priceless.

Maria Smith — Seagrass Inc.

They give me the peace of mind to not have to worry about the tax side of my business... Even my CPA said, use them! So I do, and I couldn't be happier!

Kai Williams — The International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (The IWRC)

We run payroll on SurePayroll from anywhere! It's so easy to log in and click that pay period's information; we are done in minutes. SurePayroll's tax submission services let us concentrate on what we do best and not learn esoteric tax law!