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September 2008 National Small Business Trends

Small business hiring rose in September and ended the month up 0.3%.

The SurePayroll Hiring Index, which measures small business employment trends, ended the month at 11,188, a 30-point increase from August.

On a national basis, this was our 22nd straight month of increased hiring in the small business economy. In fact, this is the highest the Hiring Index has been since its inception in January 2004.

The SurePayroll Pay Index, which measures small business salary trends, stood at 1,042 at the end of September, down five points from August. We have now had eight consecutive months of declining small business salaries.

The monthly SurePayroll Scorecard data for September 2008 can be found in the table below.

  SurePayroll Hiring Index SurePayroll Pay Index
September '08 11,188 1,042
August '08 11,158 1,047
July '08 11,111 1,051
June '08 11,066 1,054
May '08 11,035 1,058
April '08 11,003 1,060
March '08 10,990 1,060
February '08 10,959 1,061
January '08 10,924 1,063

About the Scorecard
The SurePayroll Hiring Index and the SurePayroll Pay Index are generated as part of SurePayroll's Small Business Scorecard, an economic indicator that tracks the health of the U.S. small business economy. The Small Business Scorecard is generated from actual payroll data — paychecks issued to contractors and employees — for tens of thousands of small businesses nationwide.

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