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Nearly Half of Small Business Owners Can’t Take Lunch

Disconnecting from work increasingly difficult

GLENVIEW, IL — September 22, 2015 — Work never really stops for many small business owners, according to the September 2015 SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard optimism survey.

Almost half (48%) say they cannot take a lunch break on a daily basis where they disconnect from work. Many said they eat quickly at their desks, in their cars or not at all. Last year, only 35% said they were unable to take a daily lunch.

"I work through the day, eat a small packet of nuts and dried cranberries around noon,” said one business owner in response to the survey. Another said "lunch hour is a doesn’t stop…neither can I."

For the other half that are able to take a daily lunch many said it was crucial to rejuvenate and clear their heads to be more productive later in the day. "As I suggest to my employees, I take my lunch and make it all about me,” one business owner said. “No phone, no email. Just me."

An infographic with all the data from the SureParyoll Scorecard, including more on the small business economy, is available on the SurePayroll Blog.