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South Carolina Payroll Services

Did you know South Carolina does not mandate overtime pay?

South Carolina Compensation

There is no state-mandated minimum wage law in South Carolina.

All employees are covered except those specifically exempt by statute; among those exempt are outside salespersons, employees working for certain family members, and employees of certain seasonal resorts.

South Carolina Payroll for Employers

Employers must notify employees at the time of hire of the normal hours and the agreed upon wages, the time and place of payment, and the deductions that will be made from wages, including insurance payments. Employers have the option of giving written notification by posting the terms conspicuously at or near the place of work.

South Carolina Unemployment:
Taxable Wage Base ($000s)
New Employer Rate (% Taxable Wages)
Employee Tax Rate (% Taxable Wages)
Period Effective
Calendar Year 2014

South Carolina Income Tax Withholding

Employers in South Carolina must withhold state income taxes from wages paid to nonresidents for services performed within South Carolina. Residents working outside of South Carolina are also subject to withholding for that income.

South Carolina Benefits

South Carolina Voting Rights:
Employer Right to Schedule Voting Hours
Pay Deduction for Voting Time Leave

South Carolina does not have a voting time leave law.

South Carolina Links

South Carolina Employment Security
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