Payroll Articles

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Small businesses have enough on their plate without combing through IRS code or complicated payroll brochures to learn the best methods to avoid payroll mistakes. We've done all the homework and created easy-to-understand payroll articles available for reference anywhere, anytime.
> How much does Payroll Cost?
Get the facts on payroll costs.

> 8 Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll
See why so many leave payroll to the professionals.

> Do I have to Pay Taxes for My Cleaning Lady?
If you are seeking a way to avoid paying taxes for your household employee, there are a couple of options to consider.

> Do the Nanny Tax Rules Ever Change?
Neglecting to understand your responsibilities can land you in trouble with the IRS.

> Can I Put My Household Employee on My Payroll? 
It may be the easy and convenient thing to do, but it is also illegal in most cases.

> Before Hiring a Nanny, Think About Payroll
Avoid the nanny tax trap.

> Payroll Integration: How Important Is It?
Small businesses need to avoid redundancies integrating accounting software.

> Choosing the Right Payroll Company
Tips and advice on this important decision for your small business.

> Advantages of Payroll Companies vs. Doing it Yourself
Is payroll a task you can handle on your own?

> The Results of Poor Payroll Management
Mistakes could cost you time, money and even your employees.

> Evaluating New Trends in Payroll Technology
What's available in payroll technology and what might work best for you.

> Payroll Procedures — Are you Missing out on Key Details?
Errors could cost you with the IRS.

> Payroll 101 for Startup Businesses
Get a grasp on payroll when you start your new business.

> Time to go Web-based?
Most of our customers share these experiences before they seek our services.

> Top 7 Signs You Are Ready For A Payroll Solution
Most of our customers share these experiences before they seek our services.

> How Payroll Works
It's much more than cutting a few checks every other Friday.

> 5 Common Payroll Mistakes
Save yourself some penalties and interest by avoiding these payroll mistakes.

> SaaS Payroll Advantages
Using online payroll means you can run payroll at your convenience, and so much more.

> Should I Outsource Payroll?
Research your decision to outsource payroll or do it in-house.