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Payroll Integration: How Important Is it?

One of the great dilemmas in the ever-changing world of software is to select the right mix to suit your small business needs.

A one-size fits all solution is nice in theory but seldom a perfect fit for most businesses. What you gain in simplicity might be lost if one aspect of the software is inferior, as often is the case.

When considering a payroll system for your business, the extreme example would be to use a desktop software product and a separate accounting software package that has no integration with it. It's hard to imagine the benefit of such a scenario because of all the time necessary to integrate the two every month and at tax time. And even larger companies might have another software package to cover human resources, complicating things further.

Integration means that data only has to be entered once and stored once. It also means fewer steps every time payroll is prepared and fewer steps at tax time.

Every time data is transferred to another software program, there is a possibility for error. And some software transfers are less than perfected and subject to formatting and other problems that cost your in-house employees time and productivity.

SurePayroll's payroll accounting integration is an example of a seamless solution to integrating payroll and accounting data. We work closely with leading accounting software providers such as QuickBooks, Sage Peachtree and AccountEdge to make sure than data is integrated easily and safely back and forth.

This integration allows you to easily post payroll entrees to your general ledger in just seconds. There is no tricky transfer schemes that cause you to hold your breath every time it is attempted.

The smooth integration saves your organization time and sharply reduces the possibility of errors. Double data entry means double the chance for mistakes so it should be avoided if it all possible.

And, of course, using SurePayroll gives the company added universal benefit of online access from anywhere at any time as long as an internet connection is present. No more waiting to get to the office to access proprietary software.

Efficiency is the guiding principle at SurePayroll. We are looking to make the mundane tasks of operating a business as painless and convenient as possible while decreasing the chances of simple mathematical errors and mistakes that have even greater consequence, such as tax errors that might draw the attention of the IRS.

Integrating payroll and accounting software is one of those efficiencies.