Small Business Articles

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Running a small business is one of the most rewarding — and most challenging — endeavors for entrepreneurs. These resources will help you consider your options for the various business decisions you'll face on a day-to-day basis as the boss.

How to Survive in Tough Times
Steps small business owners can take now.

Avoiding an IRS Audit
A look at what might make Uncle Sam come looking.

New Employee Checklists are Essential
Don't lose money on a new employee.

The Value of Independent Contractors
They can save you money and more.

Five Ways to Measure Success in Your Small Business
Five simple ways to guage if your business is on the path to success.

Three Reasons You Can't Live Without a Business Plan
Wondering what to do first? A Business Plan is a good place to start.

Do I Need Insurance for My Small Business?
Unforeseen factors are the worst enemy of any type of business. However, making plans to combat these situations in advance is just good business.

Curtailing Unemployment Insurance Claims Fraud
Keep insurance costs down by preventing one of the most common acts that raises premiums.

Focus on Profitability
When times are tough, small business owners need to focus on their financial statements.

Understanding Financial Statements
Financial statements are valuable — only if you can understand and interpret the information. Here's how.

Choosing an Accountant
Five must have characteristics to guide your search for an accountant.

Keeping Good Records
Learn how to establish and maintain a recordkeeping system that would make any small business owner proud.

Small Business Deductions
Small businesses qualify for a variety of income tax deductions. Learn which ones may apply to your business.

Seven Things You Don't Have to Pay Taxes On
Taxes are inevitable. But don't give up hope. There are exceptions.

Hiring the Right Tax Advisor for Your Small Business
Locating a good tax advisor will require some effort. Here are some things to consider.

Meeting Minimum Tax Requirements
Learn which taxes you simply cannot avoid paying.

Small Business Franchises Are Making a Big Impact
These franchises are enabling more Americans to own their own businesses.

You Can't Manage It If You Can't Measure It
They say what you don't know won't hurt you, but nothing could be further from the truth when you run a small business.

How to Write a Business Plan
Sticking to a few fundamentals will help produce a clear, concise plan that can show just how promising your small business really is.

Legal Immunity
Protecting your small business in the event of a lawsuit.

Partnership Agreements
In today's business world it can be difficult to generate the necessary funds associated with starting a small business without developing a partnership.

How to Plan an Office Holiday Party
Forethought is the key to maintaining professional standards, while showing appreciation for your employees.

How to Run an Effective Meeting
These few simple tips will help your next meeting run more smoothly and be more effective.

Designing Your Office Environment
A well thought out office plan provides workers with a comfortable and satisfying environment in which to work, while a poorly designed office space can make every working hour an exercise in survival.

Running Your Office Efficiently
Focusing on a few key items will greatly increase your offices' productivity and help your business run more smoothly.

Determining the Value of Your Business
Like it or not, eventually you are going to be forced to quantify the value of your business.

Developing an Exit Strategy
Your company began with a plan. You also need to plan for the day when you cease to own your company.