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Running Your Office Efficiently

An efficient office is the centerpiece of a successful business. Focusing on a few key items will greatly increase your offices' productivity and help your business run more smoothly.


Organization is one of the most important aspects of a running an efficient office. Without orderliness, countless hours will be wasted searching for things needed to complete daily tasks, ultimately resulting in a less productive work place. Encourage employees to keep their own work areas organized. This will help improve individual productivity and will help others find needed items even when co-workers are absent from work. Organizing your office can seem like an insurmountable task, especially if it has gotten out of control. But the time and effort put into organization will be worth it. Eliminating the clutter and chaos will also reduce stress — another major hindrance to workplace productivity.

Office Procedure

Written office procedures eliminate confusion by taking the guess work out of how your business is supposed to flow. They also offer guidance to new employees or to other employees who may be filling in for an absent co-worker. Consider codifying systems and procedures to govern daily tasks, even the ones you take for granted. You might be surprised by the result. More often than not, these systems reduce confusion and provide much-needed structure for the organization.


While writing your office procedures, be sure to establish measures that will enhance communication within your office. Procedures for tasks such as messaging, scheduling, and planning will go a long way toward getting everyone on the same page and clear up lines of communication in the workplace. It's also a good idea to schedule periodic office meetings to address problem areas and brainstorm new ideas to make the office run even more efficiently. You may be the best office manager on the planet, but unless you communicate with your employees about those ideas, they are likely to be stressed out and tempted to abandon ship.


Technology assists workers with a multitude of tasks throughout the work day. With the increasing demands that are being placed on small businesses, older equipment may no longer meet your company's needs and may even result in an inefficient use of your employees' time. Replace antiquated equipment with newer technology, but don't feel like you have to buy the newest items on the market. Technology is changing at a rapid rate. You may find affordable upgrades that may not be cutting edge, but will certainly do more than what you are using now. Just be sure that your technology supports your current level of business and that it has the potential to support your business through the next few years of growth.

Running an efficient office takes a little effort, but the time invested will provide you and your employees with an office environment that fosters harmony and productivity. More importantly, it will ultimately result in a healthier bottom line for your company.