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There's nothing like starting up a new business. Many of our customers own start-ups, and we've created these articles based on their most common questions and made them available to start-ups worldwide.

After Hiring Your First Employee
Taking on your first employee means a new set of responsibilities.

Crafting a Quality Business Proposal
Knowing how to write a knock-out proposal is an art form, but it's an art form that you can master with the right information.

What to Do When You Can't Raise Money
Although its not the ideal situation, your business can get by when times are tough. Here's how.

Keys to Successful Capital Acquisition
By working smart, you can greatly improve your ability to find funds for your company.

Ways to Acquire Capital
Raising capital is not as mysterious as it seems. There are plenty of sources, if you know where to look.

When Is It Time to Get Capital?
Knowing when to raise capital is just as important as knowing the sources from which it will come.

Should I Quit My Day Job?
We all wonder from time to time, but these guidelines will help you determine if and when it's time to resign.

Do You Have What It Takes to Start a Small Business?
Starting a small business may sound like a great idea, but do you really have what it takes to be successful?

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Starting a Small Business
Follow these to increase the odds that your small business will survive beyond its first few years of life.

How to Put Together a Media Kit for Your Small Business
How to put together a media kit for your business.

New Business Checklist
Have you done everything you needed?

Starting a Small Business: The Decision to Partner (or Not!)
The decision to enter into a partnership is big. Here are some questions you should consider.

Timing the Launch of Your Small Business
Timing the launch of your small business can make an impact on its short and long-term success.

Michael Sands
A seasoned entrepreneur who co-founded the LesserEvil snack company.

Chris Baggott
Entrepreneur and co-founder of ExactTarget, which helps companies facilitate one-on-one communications with their customers.

Fred Joyal
1-800-DENTIST entrepreneur Fred Joyal discusses his motivational drive for becoming an entrepreneur.

Howard A. Tullman
A seasoned entrepreneur based in Chicago, Illinois with businesses in Seattle, Detroit and New York.