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10 iPhone apps that small business owners need

10 iPhone Apps That Small Business Owners Need

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Small business owners must constantly be working on building their business, utilizing every tool within their reach to make the best use of their time.  The iPhone has become one such tool that allows you to run your business on the go.  The advent of the App Store has made it possible to access hundreds of applications designed especially for small business owners so that they can connect with clients, view and edit documents, and even manage their payroll…all directly from their cell phone.  Some of these apps stand out above the rest and fall onto the “must-have” list for small businesses.

JotNot Scanner - $0.99

The camera on your iPhone can be used for more than mobile uploads to Facebook.  iPhone apps such as JotNot scanner enable your iPhone camera to act as a digital scanner so you can send documents directly from your phone.  Take a photo of the document, and JotNot will sharpen the image, adjust uneven light, and improve overall readability.  Upload the document to MobileMe,, or Google Docs for easy access.

File Magnet - $4.99

Doing business on the go requires you to have access to your personal files, without having to take the time for a lengthy transfer process between devices.  File Magnet allows you to access files and folders that are located on your personal computer from your iPhone.  You can quickly and easily transfer your files from your computer to your phone using your wireless connection, so that you can easily review your files anytime, from anywhere.

Quickoffice Connect Suite - $9.99

Because most of your business documents are probably created in Microsoft Office, Quickoffice Connect Suite is a very valuable iPhone app for small businesses.  This mobile application allows you view and edit your Microsoft Office Applications, as well as create new documents and store them on your phone or on servers such as Google Docs.

ScanBizCards Business Card Reader - $4.99

This is a great networking application that will ensure that you never lose another business card again.  Use your iPhone camera to "scan" a new business card.  This application will then sort through the information and add the contacts to your address book, making organizing your professional contacts quick and easy.

LinkedIn - FREE

LinkedIn is the mobile application for the professional networking site,  Connect with professional contacts, search for clients so you can quickly review their job details, or find a person based on expertise.

EasyTask Manager - FREE

Manage your to-do list with this iPhone application that allows you to create and edit a task list, add events to your calendar, and set reminders.

ShoeBoxed - FREE

ShoeBoxed helps your track and organize your expenses.  This is an especially helpful application if you have a wallet full of receipts from business lunches or other purchases.  Use this application to take a photo of the receipt, and it will organize the details and store the information online for easy accounting later.

GoodReader for iPhone - $2.99

GoodReader is considered one of the best PDF viewers available for the iPhone application.  What makes it so great?  You can view PDFs up to 1 GB in size, and you can access files from servers such as, Google Docs, and Mobile Me.

SurePayroll Mobile Payroll and Mobile Paycheck - FREE

SurePayroll is an online payroll management tool that allows you to submit and manage your employees' payroll in a 3-step process.  SurePayroll also offers two iPhone applications, so that you can log into your account and manage your payroll at any time, from anywhere.  Use the SurePayroll Mobile Payroll app to manage payroll or the Mobile Paycheck if you are an employee wanting to see your pay stubs.