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3 reasons change perception of outsourcing - Street sign with outsource one way and in-house the other way.

3 Reasons to Change your Perception of Outsourcing

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Chris Bibey

Go back in time 20 years or so and outsourcing was considered a “dirty” word by many people.

Business owners may have realized the benefits of outsourcing, but many stayed away because of the bad reputation it could bring to their company.

Fast forward to today and things have taken a turn. There are still people who have the wrong perception of outsourcing, but they are now few and far between. In today's business world, a growing number of people are realizing the benefits of outsourcing, which simply means not doing everything in-house. It doesn't mean you're sending jobs overseas.

Here are three reasons to change your perception of outsourcing:

  1. To keep up with the competition. According to Udemy, a marketplace for online learning, more than two million jobs were outsourced last year.

You shouldn't outsource jobs just to keep up with the competition, however, you should find out why other companies are taking this approach. Could you benefit by following their lead?

  1. Less work upfront. When you hire a full or part-time employee, you are taking on a big responsibility. From paying their salary and benefits to clearing office space, you will be faced with a variety of tasks to get up and running. Before all this, you have to find a local candidate who is qualified for the position.

When you outsource, technology allows you to instantly connect with thousands of talented individuals. Furthermore, you can make a hire without mounds of paperwork and a long interview and orientation process.

  1. Save money without compromising on talent. Let's face it: finding a highly qualified individual in your local area is not as easy as it sounds. With outsourcing, you can enlist services that specialize in providing whatever it is you need. Best yet, you can hire the right person at a lower cost.

With these three points in mind, your perception of outsourcing may never be the same.