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3 tips for recruiting on linkedin

3 Tips for Recruiting on LinkedIn

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With more than 300 million members, LinkedIn is by far the largest professional networking site in the world.

While many members use the site as a networking tool, there is another side of the service: companies that use it to recruit.

LinkedIn recruiting is on the rise, as this gives employers the ability to connect with a large audience. Not to mention the fact that they can easily learn more about each and every candidate and applicant. While some don't think this development is necessarily a good thing, it's impossible to ignore.

Here are three tips for using LinkedIn to successfully recruit new talent:

  1. Create a company page. This may sound challenging, but LinkedIn has made it quite simple. Here is what the networking service had to say about creating a company page:

"Create your page, attract followers, and post company updates to drive engagement."

Sounds good from a recruiting perspective, right?

  1. Screen candidates. A resume will give you a detailed idea of what a person could bring to your company. But don't stop there. You can get a clear picture of what a person offers by reviewing his or her LinkedIn profile. If you like what you see, keep the person on your short list. If you don't, it may be time to cross them off and move on.
  2. Search for candidates. With "LinkedIn Talent Solutions," it is easier to find and contact talent while remaining organized.

For example, using Talent Solutions, you can InMail any candidate that piques your interest. Furthermore, you will have access to tools, such as shared projects and applicant notes, which allow you to synchronize team activities and better manage the recruitment and hiring process.

When the time comes to hire your next employee, don't overlook the benefits of LinkedIn recruiting. In fact, for some business owners, it's the only tool they use to recruit. With the three tips above, you will find it easy to connect with top talent. You never know when you will come across the perfect candidate.