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5 common reasons can't get anything done - guy in front of a computer

5 Common Reasons You Can't Get Anything Done

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Chris Bibey

Time is money, and for this reason you want to stay on schedule day in and day out. If you find yourself wasting time, regardless of the reason, you need to make the necessary changes without delay.

Here are five ways you may be wasting valuable work time:

1. Checking your email too often. There is nothing wrong with staying current with your inbox, but don't let this take over your life. Every time you stop what you are doing to check your mail, it costs you time and pulls you away from another task.

Tip: set times throughout the day for checking your email, such as early in the morning, after lunch, and before you head home for the day.

2. Long conversations that can be easily shortened. For example, you may send and receive multiple emails to setup a meeting with a coworker. Rather than do this, why not walk to the person's office and speak in person? This is the more time efficient way of doing things.

3. Taking too many coffee or snack breaks. The benefits of taking breaks throughout the workday are well documented. Even so, you will waste a lot of time if you continually break to eat a snack or drink a cup of coffee.

4. Commuting. For many people, this is part of their daily routine. Before you give in entirely, resigning to the fact that you have to sit in traffic and/or drive a long distance, consider your options. Can you change your route? Can you change your hours? Can you work from home?

5. "Winging" it instead of having a to-do list. With a to-do list by your side, you will know what needs to be completed on a given day, as well as the order in which you should proceed.

If you can eliminate one or more of the time drains detailed above, you may soon find yourself working in a more productive manner.