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5 Reasons Every Business Can Benefit from a Blog

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Zac Johnson

With several hundreds of millions of blogs in the world today, you might ask why your business even needs to bother with creating and managing one of their own. The truth about blogging is that it’s one of the most effective ways to market and brand your business, while offering a huge return on investment — when done properly.

In this article we are going to break down five reasons why your business can benefit from launching a blog of your own. Not only are blogs extremely simple and fast to setup, but they also one of the best ways to grow your online presence and provide a value to your customers and audience in the process.

Increase Your Organic Search Results

We all know that blogs are based off the content that is written with your site. The more detailed and thought provoking your content, the more likely it will rank for keywords in the search results, right? Well, that's one thought... but there is actually more to it. If you already have a well established site, there is a good chance your blog content will also rank well in the search results. If your business sites isn't a huge authority yet, your new blog content can help you get there.

No matter where your business currently is online, a blog can only help with your continuing efforts to rank more often and higher in the search results. When writing content for your blog, remember to write for your audience and not for the search results.

To learn more about how to create compelling content for your blog and how to rank higher in the process, refer to these simple seo tips for bloggers.


Create Content that Converts Readers into Customers

Speaking of writing blog content for your audience and not for the search results... your blog can be a huge asset for turning new site visitors into longterm customers.

Going back to our mention of how blog content can help you rank higher in the search results, it's important that you create content that is relevant to the services and end goal of your business. You don't just want to write about the services that you offer, but also what your potential customers might be searching for should they eventually need your service.

For example, a local plumbing service might create detailed blog posts on how to fix the most common household problems such as a leaky faucet or how to unclog a shower drain. The more detailed the content, the better (include images, videos and walkthroughs). Another example of this would be for the thousands of people that search for payroll and invoicing services every day through Google. SurePayroll currently has full training videos on this process, and when each of these videos are built out into their own detailed blog posts, individuals would find them through the search results, find an answer to their problem and also possibly become a customer in the process.

The takeaway here is that your potential audience is going to find the answer to their solution somewhere, so why not do your best to provide it for them. You may end up with a whole new source of traffic for longterm paying customers in the process!


Bring Social Media Activity Back to Your Site

A blog is one of the best ways for businesses to take advantage of the nearly two billion users that are currently found on major social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

In most cases, business blogs can be a little boring and focus too much effort on the technicals and financial side of the business. Usually these posts won't gain much social attraction, but when you start investing your own time in creating content for your blog that is relevant to your social followers and others out there, that is when social media sharing really kicks in.

Think about your business and how you might be able to come up with a fun and creative concept for a new blog post, like "2015 MLB Team Payrolls". This is a popular article on SurePayroll's blog because not only is it something all baseball fans might be interested in, but it also applies to its business.

When creating a blog of your own, think about how you might be able to twist your on content with well-known sports, business news or events that might gain a lot of interest.


Engage, Interact and Build a Following on Your Blog

We've covered the benefits of how a blog can help you rank more often in the search results and also reach new audiences through social media, now it's time to tie them both together. With so many people now accessing your blog, it's important to remember that your blog is interactive. In most cases, there will be a contact and feedback form on your site.

To increase engagement within your blog, be sure to end each post with a question or actionable tip that your audience might leave feedback on. No longer is the internet about just a one-way conversation from brands and businesses, now it's an engaging two-way conversation.


Your Minimal Invest Will Reap Longterm Rewards

As you can see, there is really no downside to launching a blog of your own. With hundreds of millions of blogs already out there, it's clear why nearly every brand and business currently has a blog working for them, while helping them spread the word about what their business is about.

If you've ever thought about creating a blog or for your brand or business and simply didn't think there was a need or enough to write about, think again! Keep your end customer in mind, how you can cater to their needs and provide value in the process.

Zac Johnson is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in online marketing and blogging. To learn more, be sure to visit his how to start a blog guide to get started with a site of your own.