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33% of Small Business Owners Advertise on Facebook

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Stefan Schumacher

While the ROI on social media has traditionally been hard to monitor and predict, it appears platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter hold significant relevance as advertising platforms for small business owners with 1-10 employees.

According to our April 2015 Small Business Scorecard optimism survey, 35% of small businesses are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest to advertise their stores, services and products.

Advertising by platform

Facebook leads the way, with 58% of small business owners saying that advertising on the social giant has value, and 33% spending money on Facebook ads. It's possibly because of the relative value compared to more expensive Google pay-per-click ads. Only 14% of small business owners are spending on Google ads.

The potential of reaching the massive user bases of these growing social platforms also seems to be adding incentive to small business owners to set aside some advertising dollars for social media.

Learn more about our survey and the state of the small business economy in our infographic below.

April 2015 Scorecard