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client gifts that keep you front of mind - wrapped present

Client Gifts That Keep You Front-of-Mind: It's Never Too Early

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Gifting your clients is a token of appreciation that further demonstrates you are thinking of them. Client gifts tend to fall into one of three categories, things they like, things they like but would not buy, and things they like but have not thought of buying (the cool stuff).

It is common for gifts to be handed to clients, it is a personal exchange. There is a new wave of gift-giving that is cropping up, it is gift-giving through subscriptions. This Form of gift giving is not typical; it is reserved for unique situations and would be a way to consistently show appreciation year-round. Because you order subscription gifts one time and the gifts are delivered monthly, it is a great option for those who would prefer to set it and forget it.

Traditionally the time of year for gifting clients is the holiday season or during tax season. However, there are events in your clients' lives where your recognition of those events can leave a lasting positive impression on the client. For example, if you learn that a client's son or daughter was recently accepted into their top-choice school, ordering a school sweatshirt and shipping it to the child or to your client at their home would be a nice gesture not soon forgotten.

As the season for gift-giving nears, consider these traditional and unique gift-giving options for your clients.