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Could Fitbit be the Right Fit for Your Business?

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A growing number of companies are beginning to realize the benefits of a comprehensive corporate wellness program. With the right approach, these programs go a long way in keeping employees happy and healthy. What’s more important than that?

Fitbit, one of the fastest growing health product companies in the world, helps people of all ages improve their health. It was one of the, if not the top gadget during the holiday season. By wearing a stylish and lightweight bracelet, users can monitor and track activity, food, exercise, sleep, weight, and much more.

According to Forbes, some of the biggest and most well known companies in the world, including Barclays and, are incorporating Fitbit into their corporate wellness program.

Fitbit recently noted the addition of 20 new employer customers during the third quarter of 2015, with many purchasing the trackers for employees. Others are not purchasing the device outright for employee use, but they are allowing staff to purchase at a discount, with the company eventually making up the cost.

Consider this: Barclays has plans to offer Fitbit devices to more than 75,000 employees through a cost-sharing plan. And they aren't the only company, as Target announced last month that it would provide more than 300,000 employees with a free tracker.

Over the past five years, Fitbit has put quite a bit of time and money into growing its wellness division, realizing that this is a great way to sell in bulk to employers. It may not make up a large part of the company's business, but it is growing by the day.

What's the point? In short, Fitbit allows employees to better track and monitor their health. For employers, this can help cut back on healthcare costs and sick time off. It may also improve the morale and energy of your staff. It could help you better manage your stress as the business owner too.

Obviously, small businesses are not going to buy fitness trackers in bulk, but they may make for a nice sort of bonus to employees - something different than a gift card. If you are seeking a way to improve your corporate wellness program or just the overall health of your employees, it may be something to consider.