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Small Business Owners Take Rate Hike in Stride

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Stefan Schumacher

Much was made in the financial media about the Federal Reserve’s recent quarter percent raising of interest rates. However, for many on Main Street, they don’t see it having a tremendous impact.

In our December 2015 Small Business Scorecard, 45% of small business owners said the rate hike would have no impact; 13% said it would have a positive impact; and 42% said it would have a negative impact.

Many small businesses have turned to alternative lending, making the rates offered by big banks less relevant. Others with only a few employees and little need for equipment or infrastructure are not seeking capital.

Perhaps more concerning is that small business owners are about 10% less optimistic about the economy this December than a year ago. At the same time, they were 5% more profitable in 2015 than in 2014, and most are forecasting increased profitability in 2016.

Still, there may some lingering concerning because of world events, a lagging stock market or the upcoming presidential election.

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