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Does Every Company Need a Cafeteria? Probably

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Get this: a recent study by Right Management shows that only 20% of people take an actual lunch break. Even though this may sound like a good thing, as it may mean these people are getting more work done, it is actually a big problem.

The concern with this is that entirely too many workers are missing out on much needed breaks. Instead, they are working straight through their day, many times without getting the fuel they need to remain energized and healthy.

In a recent survey of small business owners, we found that about half (48%) are unable to take a lunch break. But the number is growing from just 35% a year ago.

Boer Deng at suggests a simple solution to this problem: every company, regardless of size, should have a cafeteria. With a cafeteria available, workers are more inclined to take breaks throughout the day, especially during lunchtime.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, only 18 percent of companies have a cafeteria for workers. On top of this, NPD, a well known research firm, has reported that workers are eating more and spending more at company cafeterias, now that the recession is in the past.

Here are several benefits of a company cafeteria:

  • Makes it easier to take a lunch break, thus giving employees time to reenergize
  • Discourages long lunch breaks away from the office, improving productivity and efficiency
  • Boosts employee interaction, which can make for a stronger team

There are two issues with adding a cafeteria: size and cost. Fortunately, many companies, including those in small spaces, find that contractors can use creative solutions to build an appropriately sized cafeteria on a budget. Even if they're not on the scale of some of the world's coolest office cafeterias.

Despite the known benefits, there will always be companies that don't provide employees with a cafeteria. On the flip side, a growing number of organizations have come to realize that now is the time to offer this perk.