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make your dream accounting job happen

Make Your Dream Accounting Job Happen

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It is not realistic to expect someone to approach you and offer you what you would consider a dream job; chances are you are going to have to make it happen with a little elbow grease. Your dream job does not have to be anything exotic or involve changing careers; it should be focused on your expertise.

There is a good possibility there are opportunities you might not be taking advantage of that can change your "work to live" job into more of a "live to work" job. Molding your dream job begins by seeking out and taking advantage of opportunities presented to you. With a little effort there are ways to enhance what you do every day and mold it into what you would consider your dream job.

Consider these pointers as you get to work making your dream job a reality.

Focus on your interests

Through training, education and experience you are an accountant or bookkeeper. As some point in your past you felt this was a good career choice. If you are not as gung ho today as you may have been when you started this job, it is up to you to make it better. If you are an employee, have a discussion with your boss about your dreams and hopes for the future. Reflect on what skills or knowledge you want to develop and suggest areas where you might get more involved. If you own the practice or are a partner or shareholder, now may be the time when you develop an area of the practice you have always dreamed of expanding. Talk to your leadership team, boss, or a trusted advisor or friend and take the needed steps to make positive change happen.

Ask for new duties or more responsibility, embrace change

Consider ways in which you can add more value while trying something new. Taking on duties that are different than what you normally do can add variety to your workweek while contributing to your personal and professional growth. Expect change with new duties. As you experience new opportunities, you will gain knowledge that allows you to better define, expand and seek out more of what you really enjoy in work.

Volunteer to champion special projects, be proactive

Look for opportunities to step up and volunteer to champion special projects or do something before someone asks you (or someone else) to do it. Expanding your daily or weekly tasks into areas you have not typically been working in or on can create a layer of interest to what can become a monotonous daily grind. Becoming an expert by acquiring new knowledge sets you apart from others and increases the likelihood of you being needed and called on when new projects arise.