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enhanced security for surepayroll client accounts

Enhanced Security for SurePayroll Client Accounts

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Sarah Skerik

The headlines about data breaches and network hacks almost feel ubiquitous these days, which is why more and more online service providers – from social networks to banks to grocery delivery services – are building multifactor authentication (also called "two step verification") into user security options.

Multi-factor authentication is a simple way to foil would-be hackers, and it's straightforward for users.  In addition to your account ID and password, systems using multi-factor authentication require a second step to complete the login process: sending users a verification code to a separate trusted device, and then asking the user to plug that verification code into the system to complete the login process.

It's a quick and easy way to add an additional layer of security, and it's doubly important for SurePayroll customers in order to protect the sensitive personal information required to run payroll and file taxes.

SurePayroll is rolling out Enhanced Security featuring multi-factor authentication for our clients, and we encourage you all to take a minute to set up your new security preferences when prompted to do so within our system.

When will we ask for additional verification?

A few different things can trigger the request for additional verification, such as logging into your SurePayroll account from a new computer or device you've not used to access your payroll previously.

Additionally, when you access pages with sensitive information, such as your employees' personal information or your account security page, we'll also ask you to verify you are, in fact, you.

We're also offering customers an increased level of security, with an additional option to require additional verification before payroll can be approved.

What can I expect?

The process is actually pretty simple.  If your actions require additional authentication, you'll be first prompted to request a verification code when you're in our portal.

Once you've requested the code, our system will automatically send you the code as a text message to the device you set up for this purpose.  Simply enter the code you receive into the box provided within our system, and voila, you're done and ready to proceed.  

So keep an eye out for the prompt to update your security preferences and add a device to which we can send your verification codes.  Enhanced Security takes just a minute to set up, and to use, but despite its ease of use, it's powerful way to boost account security.