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Halloween costumes not to wear - group of people wearing white face masks

Halloween Costumes Not to Wear at the Office

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It’s easy to get excited about a great Halloween costume. But what works for your friends may not be quite what you want to show up at the office in, hoping to win the Halloween costume contest. The sexy nurse or the Olympic swimmer might not leave enough to the imagination for your coworkers.

Sure, it's a fun opportunity to spice up a day at work, but not if you're sitting in your boss's office with a fake axe hanging from your bloody forehead.

Since we have a presidential election coming up, you may also be tempted to go as Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. Don't. You will feel all that much sillier waging political war across the cubicle dressed as one of the candidates.

Use our handy chart as a reminder of what NOT to wear to the office on Halloween.

Halloween Costumes not to wear at the office infographic