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Do You Hate Your Job? You're Not Alone.

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Hating your job is a terribly feeling. It’s hard to get out of bed in the morning and you don’t want to go to sleep at night, because you don’t want to face the next day. Your stomach is in a constant knot and every day is an unfulfilling struggle. Unfortunately, according to a survey from, only 39 percent of workers are finding that fulfillment, down from 59 percent a year ago.

The study produced some alarming findings about the plight of the American worker:

  • The number of workers who said they were proud of their work dropped from 83 percent in 2012 to 64 percent.
  • A mere 29 percent said they would recommend their children go into their same profession.
  • When asked if they were 100 percent committed to their jobs, 52 percent of respondents said yes, down from 71 percent a year ago.
  • More than 70 percent would quit their jobs the next day if they won the lottery.

Part of the problem may be that everyone is overworked. Those lucky enough to maintain employment throughout the recession have been forced to take on more and more responsibilities, to the point they feel constantly overwhelmed and stretched thin. They're able to get the job done but how well and at what cost? More than half of the respondents to said they are "constantly overworked."

The unintended consequence may be that employees are actually doing less work than they normally would under better circumstances. Asked if they'd work extra hours for their jobs, only 20 percent said they would. Last year it was 49 percent. The message from employees seems to be that they feel they're doing enough already.

Adding to the misery is a lack of passion for the job. Many (73 percent) are working just for the paycheck. To an extent, many of us are working for the money, that's how we survive. However, the combination of a lack of interest in the work and a lack of pride from workers can't be good for business.

Attitude is the other component. The top answers as far as workers' attitude towards work were things like, "it's a stepping stone to a better job." Not exactly inspirational material.

It seems employers will have to take care to make sure their employees are happy and find ways to reward them for a job well done. A workplace filled with people who have bad attitudes, a lack of interest in what they do and a greater desire to leave than to stay not only sounds unpleasant, it could be a significant drag on your bottom line.