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Holiday Party Ideas for Your Small Business

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How are you going to show your employees your appreciation this holiday season? If you are the person in charge of organizing the holiday party, you will have a lot on your plate – and we don’t mean cookies!

Before we discuss specific ideas, it is important to note three important details that will effect the decisions you make:

  • Number of employees invited to the party
  • Will employees have the option to bring a spouse or partner?
  • The budget for the event

Once you get things straight in these three areas, you will have an easier time comparing your options and deciding which type of party is best.

Here are three common options, all of which have their own pros and cons:

Holiday Party at the Office

Why rent out space when you don't have to? Why ask employees to go home after work when the party could simply continue when the workday ends?

Many small businesses choose to have their holiday party at the office.


  • Don't have to spend money renting a venue
  • Easier for employees to attend
  • Everybody will be comfortable with the surroundings


  • Do your employees really want to spend more time at the office?
  • You will have to bring in food and drinks from the outside
  • You may not be allowed to have a party in your office space

Local Restaurant

Why not take a survey of your employees, asking for a few favorite restaurants in the local area? This will give you a few options for booking your holiday party.


  • Everybody has the chance to get out of the office and socialize in a fresh environment
  • Plenty of good food and drinks to go around
  • Don't have to worry about making a mess of your office space


  • May be more expensive than other options
  • Some employees may not like your choice of venue

Party Around an Event

A great example of this would be to take your entire company to a local sporting event. Can you imagine how much fun everybody would have at an NBA or NHL game?


  • More exciting than a party at the office or a restaurant
  • May be less expensive, depending on the event, since you are not paying for food and drinks
  • A perfect opportunity for socializing


  • Tickets to some events can be expensive
  • Some people may not be interested in sports

Do any of these three holiday party ideas pique your interest?