Workplace Management

  • 5 Traits of the Best Employees

    June 15

    You never fully know what an employee will bring to your company until he or she is on-board and engaging in day to day activity. However, there are things to look for when recruiting and interviewing applicants.

  • How to be a Better Telecommuter

    June 11

    Telecommuting is on the rise, with The New York Times noting that this work arrangement increased by nearly 80 percent between 2005 and 2012. Furthermore, it is believed that there are between 3 and 16 million telecommuters in the United States alone.

  • Outsourcing HR and Benefits Administration Grows

    June 10

    Do you remember the days when everything related to human resources was kept in-house? While some companies have continued this trend, others are beginning to realize that another option may be better for them: outsourcing these duties to a third party provider.

  • Boost Productivity and Cut Costs with Paid Sick Leave

    June 9

    Lost productivity from illness costs the U.S. economy more than $200 billion every year. This figure not only accounts for the time employees spend away from the office, but also when workers report to the office but do not perform at full capacity since they’re not feeling up to snuff.

  • Make the Dreaded Conference Call Bearable

    June 5

    What is the first thought that goes through your mind when you have a conference call scheduled? Like many, you may not be looking forward to it. Not only can this take up a lot of your valuable time, but there is a good chance that you won't take anything away from it. We've all suffered through bad connections, talking over each, listening to sirens and dogs in the background, and seeing our coworkers sour faces as they mouth, "What is this person talking about?"

  • Is It Illegal to Pay Employees Cash?

    May 29

    Those who have followed the series Mad Men probably remember a number of scenes when Roger Sterling gave someone a wad of cash to do a job for him. It's probably safe to assume that money wasn't reported to the IRS. Although it is not illegal to pay employees and contractors in cash, there are a variety of downfalls associated with this business practice. Most importantly, it complicates the process of paying an accurate amount of payroll taxes.

  • Productivity Prohibitors: How to Stop Them in Their Tracks

    May 27

    Increasing productivity has become a near obsession for many workers. Partly because there are so many obstacles in our way – social media, meetings, annoying co-workers, cell phones, etc.

  • What is the Fair Labor Standards Act and Why Does it Matter?

    May 16

    There are certain employment frameworks we all seem to take for granted. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) is a perfect example.

  • Docking Employee Pay

    May 15

    Do you have exempt employees working for your company? Generally speaking, these are salaried workers. For this reason, docking exempt pay is more complicated than it is with a nonexempt employee.

  • Brain Research: Don't Be a Terrible Boss

    May 5

    There’s an anecdote about a leader who, upon being told by an employee about what appeared to be a huge error in a major project they were working, responded by saying, “I know you’re wrong, I just don’t know why yet.”

  • How to Set Up a 401k and Avoid Higher Fees

    April 7

    There is a disconnect between small businesses and 401(k) plans. According to a recent study by SurePayroll, more than 70 percent of small firms don’t offer them. 

  • How Much Vacation Time Should Employees Receive?

    April 6

    Small business owners are faced with many challenges, including those associated with employee benefits.

  • How Many Sick Days Should You Give?

    April 5

    According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average number of paid sick days is 8 for any employee of at least a year and 11 for an employee with 25 years' experience with the company.

  • The 3 Simple Ways We Recognize Employees

    March 20

    Employee recognition is a $46 billion “industry,” according to the Incentive Marketing Association. That’s a lot of money spent on plaques. Yet, according to a study by Bersin & Associates, 87 percent of organizations focus on tenure-based employee recognition programs (here’s your 10-year anniversary pen) and the result is they do almost nothing to improve performance or engagement.

  • How to Stop Workplace Bullying

    March 9

    Unfortunately, sometimes work can be a little like high school – a bunch of people with only mild commonalities are thrown together and expected to co-exist. Sometimes they make great friends, other times they’re arch enemies.

  • Hiring: How to Decide Between Two Equal Candidates?

    February 20

    If you’re charge of hiring someone, deciding who to hire can be a colossal challenge. How are you going to compare one applicant to the next? How are you going to make a final decision? How will you know if you made the right choice? These are all questions that are sure to be on your mind.

  • How to Handle a Maternity Leave

    February 12

    Which steps would you take if an employee announced that she is pregnant? Would you let this person take as much time away from the office as they want? Would you wonder who is going to do their work?

  • Workers' Compensation and Keeping Your Employees Safe

    February 11

    One of the many “surprises” of becoming a small business owner is something called workers’ compensation insurance. Yes, if you have any employees, you need it. And, yes, it might be expensive.

  • 10 Things That Make Up an Ideal Workplace

    January 28

    When you think about the perfect workplace, what comes to mind?  For some, it may be fellow employees playing volleyball in a sand court just outside the office doors like Google.  Or perhaps you think of employees sitting around on bean bags brainstorming ideas and finding solutions to problems in an open office environment.  Maybe you are even alone, sitting on the beach with your laptop, working in between quick dips in the ocean.  Most people fantasize about the perfect job, the best place to work, following their passions and harnessing collaborative energies to do something meaningful.  Or you may just dream of winning the lottery every day.

  • Survey Results: What Americans Want at Work

    January 23

    Nearly 70 percent of American workers are satisfied with the conditions of their workplace, according to an unscientific online survey conducted by SurePayroll. It’s a sharp contrast to other recent surveys that have concluded Americans are deeply unhappy at work.