Workplace Management

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  • Do You Have to Pay for Employee Training?

    February 19

    The simple answer is yes. If you require employees to attend a training program, you must compensate them for that time. For example, maybe you require all new employees to attend an orientation session. This time must be paid at the agreed upon rate.

  • Signs You are Spending Too Much Time at Work

    February 14

    Some people realize they are spending too much time at work and immediately make a change. Others continue to immerse themselves in their work, hoping that nothing bad happens as a result.

  • How to Handle a Maternity Leave

    February 12

    Which steps would you take if an employee announced that she is pregnant? Would you let this person take as much time away from the office as they want? Would you wonder who is going to do their work?

  • Workers' Compensation and Keeping Your Employees Safe

    February 11

    One of the many “surprises” of becoming a small business owner is something called workers’ compensation insurance. Yes, if you have any employees, you need it. And, yes, it might be expensive.

  • Top 5 Questions About the Affordable Care Act

    February 4

    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has created a number of new requirements that have raised questions for many small business owners about the impact to them, their business, and the steps they need to take to prepare. 

  • E-Verify Program Expands to 16 Additional States

    January 30

    While many employers and employees are familiar with the E-Verify program, including its benefits, this is not the case across the board. The Department of Homeland Security is looking to grow the popularity of the service, recently expanding it into 16 additional states.

  • 10 Things That Make Up an Ideal Workplace

    January 28

    When you think about the perfect workplace, what comes to mind?  For some, it may be fellow employees playing volleyball in a sand court just outside the office doors like Google.  Or perhaps you think of employees sitting around on bean bags brainstorming ideas and finding solutions to problems in an open office environment.  Maybe you are even alone, sitting on the beach with your laptop, working in between quick dips in the ocean.  Most people fantasize about the perfect job, the best place to work, following their passions and harnessing collaborative energies to do something meaningful.  Or you may just dream of winning the lottery every day.

  • The Importance of Verifying Employment Before Hiring

    January 28

    Are you in the habit of verifying past employment before hiring a new employee? Although this may sound like a waste of time and money, nothing could be further from the truth.

  • Do You Have to Pay for Employee Uniforms?

    January 24

    Millions of workers are required to wear a uniform at work. This is particularly true in food service, retail, medical and other public-facing industries. While employees may not like it, a uniform helps the company establish its brand while also making it simple for customers to identify them. Think of the bright orange Home Depot smock.

  • Survey Results: What Americans Want at Work

    January 23

    Nearly 70 percent of American workers are satisfied with the conditions of their workplace, according to an unscientific online survey conducted by SurePayroll. It’s a sharp contrast to other recent surveys that have concluded Americans are deeply unhappy at work.

  • How to Interview Someone

    January 19

    Interviewing someone is one of those tasks that might seem easy until you get in the room and all you can think of is, “So, tell me about yourself.”

  • How to Set New Employee Salaries

    January 18

    Hiring a new employee, regardless of the position, can bring forth a variety of questions. This includes how much you should pay the person, how you will handle their payroll taxes, what his or her responsibilities will be, and how you will train him or her in an efficient manner.

  • Do You Have to Pay Employees for Military Leave?

    January 16

    If an employee of your company is part of the military, you should be proud of this person’s bravery and patriotism. At the same time, if this person is taking a “military leave” you need to know your rights as an employer as well as any laws that govern the decisions you can make.

  • What are the 10 Best Jobs?

    January 12

    Finding the right job can be one of the most difficult and important aspects of your general satisfaction with life. A bad fit between employer and employee can create a lot of stress for both parties. The right job at the right company, on the other hand, can give someone a real sense of purpose and accomplishment.

  • New Hire Checklist: Day One Details

    January 12

    Sometimes the biggest obstacle to hiring someone is just not being able to find the time to get it done. Writing the job description, posting it, screening resumes, interviewing candidates, interviewing candidates again and then finally bringing them on board and making sure you’re compliant with various new hire laws is a lot of work.

  • Do Employees Get Paid for Travel Time?

    January 9

    There are certain questions in employment law that get asked again and again. One of them is whether employees get paid for travel time and how is travel time defined?

  • Could Fitbit be the Right Fit for Your Business?

    January 8

    A growing number of companies are beginning to realize the benefits of a comprehensive corporate wellness program. With the right approach, these programs go a long way in keeping employees happy and healthy. What’s more important than that?

  • Why January is a Good Time to Recruit Top Talent

    January 5

    Once the calendar turns and the first quarter of 2016 arrives, it is time for your company to get back to business. The holidays are in the past and the new year is staring you in the face.