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Job Seekers Know What They Want

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Chris Bibey

Many people are on the prowl for a new job, hoping to find a position that better suits their wants and needs in one way or another.

Monster recently revealed the results of a survey in which users discussed what they are looking for when pursuing a new position, as well as what they are unwilling to compromise on when making a decision.

Approximately 1,100 users responded to Monster's Workforce Talent Survey, with 70 percent actively searching for a new job.

Note: the survey took into account both employed and unemployed professionals.

While some are open to making sacrifices to jump on board with a new company, most were unwilling to do so. Here are the results, complete with the percentage of respondents who said they would make a compromise in the given area:

  • Healthcare benefits: 13 percent would compromise on this benefit
  • Academic reimbursement: 14 percent would compromise on this benefit
  • Vacation or personal time: 16 percent would accept reduced time off
  • Compensation: 19 percent would take a pay cut
  • Hours (working more): 24 percent would be open to working more hours
  • Workspace (smaller office): 26 percent would consider a smaller work space
  • Commute (longer commute): 28 percent would be okay with a longer commute
  • Dress code: 30 percent would agree to a strict dress code
  • Temporary position: 33 percent would take on a temp position

Most job seekers are well aware of the importance of the details above, and take these into consideration when making a decision on whether or not to accept a position.

With workers less likely to compromise, hiring companies need to take a cautious approach to what they ask of current employees as well as those they are hoping to hire. A company's strategy could be the difference between hiring the right talent and missing out, time and time again.