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It's All About the Economy, Not Hot Button Issues

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Stefan Schumacher

While issues like health care reform, immigration and the minimum wage get a lot of attention, small business owners' have bigger concerns. 

It's All About the Economy

In the June 2016 Small Business Scorecard survey, we found that economic growth nationwide and locally weigh heaviest on the minds of small business owners.

Forty percent named national or local economic growth as the biggest challenge to their businesses in 2016. Another 17% said not finding enough qualified candidates was their biggest concern and 16% said they don't have extra cash flow to pursue new opportunities.

Only 1 in 10 named health care reform as their biggest challenge. Even less (6%) said minimum wage increases and less than 1% were primarily concerned about immigration.

Check out our infographic with the full breakdown of the survey as well as small business owners' optimism level overall about the economy.