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[Infographic] A Look into the Venture Capital Industry

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Stefan Schumacher

Venture Capital is one of those things that’s often discussed, but maybe not completely understood. You’ll often hear about a company being “venture backed” or famous venture capital firms that make hugely profitable investments in things like Facebook.

It's rare, though, to see a breakdown of how the venture capital industry actually works.

For instance, what's the difference between a venture capital firm and an angel investor? How does a company end up getting venture capital funding? How much money is exchanged? Where does it take place? Is it all in Silicon Valley? You'll be surprised how much venture capital money is in places like Texas and the Midwest.

Venture Capitalists invested almost $23 billion in the first half of 2014 alone. It's a huge industry.

Read our infographic for a fascinating look and how it works and where all that money is going.

venture capital infographic