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small business owners react to an election year - an American flag with dark shadows of people

Small Business Owners React to Heated Election Year

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Stefan Schumacher

As the country gears up to elect a new president, there is a lot of speculation about the impact of various policy changes that might come with him or her.

One of the groups that drives the economy, of course, is small businesses.

In the March 2016 SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard®, we wanted to find out how small business owners are reacting to this election. We found there seems to be a clear split between those that see little to no impact on business and those who think one candidate or another could make a big difference in how their businesses fare in the future.

At SurePayroll, of course, we will be focused on any changes to small business payroll tax management.

In response to our survey, one small business owner commented: "I believe that we do what we have to do to make things operate the way they should, regardless of the political position of the country. Business must go on and life continues. Positivity and planning are key!"

Another expressed more concern: "This is an unprecedented time in American politics. Most people I speak with are reluctant to commit going forward with large projects or remodels. They are protecting their cash, which is understandable."

For more statistics on how small businesses are doing this election year, check out our infographic:

SurePayroll Scorecard March 2016