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What Scares Small Business Owners the Most

What Scares Small Business Owners the Most

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October 26
Despite a generally optimistic outlook on the economy, there are some things that really scare small business owners.

We thought it made sense to ask about these fears during Halloween, but of course these concerns apply year-round.

You’ll see that the scariest scenarios for business owners involve things that are out of their control – economic conditions, tax increases, governmental change.

Encouraging, perhaps, is that only 15% named a recession as their biggest fear, suggesting the likelihood of one may be fairly low in their estimation. Optimism about the economy is also up to 70% compared to 62% last October.

Check out our Halloween edition of the Small Business Scorecard for all the stats:



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  1. robert | Oct 13, 2016
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  2. Elaine Eleanor | Oct 09, 2016
    For a very small business, the biggest scaring thing is the business to not be making sales, and many quit all because of the very reason, not remaining steadfast.  Now I will have the rushmypapers services to complete my research papers for me as soon as possible.

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