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Eating at Your Desk: Is the Lunch Break Dying?

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Stefan Schumacher

It seems like we’re all busier, and in more of a rush, every day. The ubiquitous nature of smartphones hasn’t helped, because it often means we carry work around in our pockets.

For small business owners, this time crunch is represented in a diminished ability to indulge in what has been a staple of escape from the grind - the daily lunch break.

According to our September 2015 SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard survey, 48% of small business owners are unable to take a daily lunch break. A year ago, only 35% said they were unable to take a lunch.

So what's changed?

Small business owners told us in responding to the survey that business simply doesn't stop. If they're not at work, they're out meeting with current clients or courting new ones. Yes, they may quickly eat something at their desk while checking email, but the idea of disconnecting completely has become a "fantasy," as one owner put it.

Remarkably, 92% said they are happy with the balance of added freedom and added responsibility they take on as entrepreneurs. And they're more optimistic about the economy than they were a year ago.

Check out our infographic for the statistical breakdown:

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