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Setting Up a Company Page on Facebook and LinkedIn

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Facebook and LinkedIn company pages are used to reinforce your brand and develop and build relationships with customers and prospects.  Last month we covered how to use Facebook and LinkedIn for business. There is good reason to set up company pages on both, Facebook and LinkedIn audience demographics are different. In this article you will learn how to create a company page on Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as how to post and build followership.


Facebook creates profiles for people and pages for business.  To set up a company page you will have to have a Facebook account created. Login to Facebook and visit, then click to select the category Company, Organization or Institution. When you create your Facebook company page you are the administrator of the page, much like being the administrator of your personal Facebook page.

Follow these tips when setting up your company page on Facebook:

  • Choose a page name that represents your business. Once created, the category and page name cannot be changed.
  • Write a sentence about your business to help visitors understand what you do.
  • Upload a cover photo and profile picture, these images are the first thing people will see when they visit your page.
  • Once created, monitor your page for activity and respond to posts from visitors.
  • Edit your page using the Edit Page button at the top of your page when logged in.

Creating posts on your company Facebook page

Posts on your company page are ways in which you communicate with your followers and page visitors. You can post photos, videos, comments and questions.  Your posts are shown on the newsfeed area, which is the place on Facebook where users spend the largest amount of time.  Keep your posts short, 100 to 200 characters is recommended. Weave in visually engaging items such as pictures, charts and images.

Download this helpful guide from Facebook and get started with your Facebook company page.


A LinkedIn company page is used to share information about your business, brand, products and services.  LinkedIn is also used by businesses to post job opportunities. To create a company page you will have to use a company email address (i.e. because currently you cannot use personal email addresses from generic email providers such as and Hotmail.

Follow these steps to get started setting up your company page on LinkedIn:

  • Log in to LinkedIn and roll your mouse over Interests at the top of the page.
  • Select Companies.
  • At the top of the page select Add a Company.
  • Enter your company name and your company email address.
  • Complete the process by following LinkedIn's step-by-step guide.
  • You cannot preview the page before it is published, therefore when you publish the page it is immediately live on the LinkedIn site

What you can do with your LinkedIn company page

When creating your page you are creating a company profile that tells your company story.  Similar to Facebook, your company page is the place where contacts and visitors learn about your brand, products, services and job opportunities.  You have the opportunity to add a products and services tab which is a place where more information about your offerings can live. Customer recommendations can be featured as endorsements about your business.

Watch this brief video and learn tips for setting up your company page on LinkedIn.

Tips for building followership

You have a community of friends, customers and family. Ask them to follow your company pages. Follow the tips below and consistently post, your followership will grow over time.

  • Install Facebook and LinkedIn follow buttons on your website homepage.
  • Add Facebook and LinkedIn to your letterhead, business cards, store signage, receipts and email signature line. (Note: Show employees how to add these to their email signature line)
  • When logged in to Facebook, select build your audience and explore ways to build followership. (i.e. Select Invite email contacts from the drop-down menu to send a message to your email contacts asking them to follow your company page)
  • Get your employees to join and follow you on Facebook and LinkedIn. (Note: Make sure they list your company as their current employer. Employees on LinkedIn are automatically followers of a company page)
  • Follow other companies on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Educate your employees about liking or sharing status updates that come from your company page.  Their liking and sharing automatically goes out to their network of connections.
  • Mention your Facebook and LinkedIn page on other social sites.
  • Frequently share helpful information.
  • Download and use free Facebook signage for your business