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signs you are spending to much time at work

Signs You are Spending Too Much Time at Work

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Some people realize they are spending too much time at work and immediately make a change. Others continue to immerse themselves in their work, hoping that nothing bad happens as a result.

Are you having a difficult time determining if you are spending too much time at work? If so, here are five telltale signs that you need to take a break:

  1. Your new best friends are members of the night shift team. Let's face it: if you start work in the morning and are still around to hang out with the night shift employees something is wrong.
  2. You are putting on weight. There are many reasons why this could happen, but working long hours is one that you should definitely consider. As you sit at your desk you are prone to feeding your face with junk food. On top of this, you don't have anytime to workout. Over time, your weight will slowly rise.
  3. Your kids are sleeping when you leave for the office and when you return home. In othe
    r words, you are getting up way too early and staying at work way too late. Do you really want to miss out on watching your children grow up?
  4. Your car is the only one in the parking lot when you leave work. The next time you walk out of your office in the evening, take a look at the parking lot. Is your car the only one left? Is everybody else long gone? If so, it means you are sticking around way too long.
  5. Your boss tells you to go home. While there is nothing better than being recognized for your hard work, if your boss tells you to go home it means you are spending too much time at the office. It is probably a good idea to take this advice.

What do you think? Are you spending too much time at work?