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small business owners embrace mobile

Small Business Owners Embrace Mobile Technology

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Stefan Schumacher

People are finding new ways to take advantage of mobile technology seemingly every day – whether that’s through their phones, tablet and now watches. You can even adjust the heat or air conditioning of your home using a mobile device at this point.


It only makes sense that small businesses are leveraging mobile technology. In fact, four of five (80%) are using mobile technology in their businesses. This could mean everything from using their mobile device for email while on the road to developing mobile apps and responsive design websites, to file sharing and using their phone or tablet to conduct a product demo.


Curious which mobile platform small business owners are using? According to our recent survey, small business owners are more likely to use Apple than Android, contrary to the how the world's market share breaks down.

Other platforms such as Amazon and Blackberry are used much less than Apple or Android. But any way you slice it, small business owners are spending a lot of time conducting business on their mobile devices. Just slightly more than 15 percent do not use a mobile device for business purposes.