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  • How to Tell Your Family You're Quitting Your Job

    April 23

    You’re done. You know you’re done. In fact, you’ve known it for a long time. You hate your boss and you can do what they’re doing better and more efficiently. You have a list of clients, you have a plan. You’re starting your own business. You’ll be your own boss. And even if it fails and least you won’t have to wonder, what if? What if I don’t try? What if I stay here?

  • Bootstrapping Benefits vs. Venture Capital

    April 16

    As an entrepreneur, it is common to hear the word “bootstrapping” over and over again. While you may have a basic idea of what this means, do you truly understand the term?

  • Home Based Business: What Are You Missing?

    April 11

    Are you interested in starting your own business? If so, you will be joining millions of Americans before you. Once you decide on the direction of your business, you have an important question to answer: where are you going to work from?

  • Where to Find the Money to Start a Business

    April 9

    For many, the thought of starting a business is enough to keep them up at night. Others, however, look at this idea and wonder if they have what it takes to pull it off.

  • What You Should Know About S Corporations vs. LLCs

    March 10

    In the alphabet soup world of business structures, the trend lines are clear: The 900-pound gorillas known as “S Corporations” are under assault from the hard-charging “LLCs.”

  • 7 Ways to Reduce the Risks of a Home-Based Business

    March 4

    A home-based business can offer the best of both worlds: You can earn a nice income while keeping your overhead costs low. Your hours are flexible, and you can work in your pajamas if you like. Given the advantages, it’s no wonder that the U.S. Census reports that more than half (51.6%) of all small businesses are run from home.

  • The Story Behind Atlanta's Tech Boom

    January 16

    Atlanta has been on a growth path upward for decades, interrupted by economic downturns like other vibrant metropolitan areas.

  • How to Run a Kick-Butt Kickstarter Campaign

    January 13

    Since Kickstarter launched just over five years ago, investors have pledged more than $1 billion dollars to help fund the thousands of creative projects featured on the crowdfunding platform. While these projects range in scale and success, entrepreneurs and small businesses are turning to Kickstarter to grow their brand and tap into the fast-paced, modern approach to fundraising.

  • The 3 Worst Reasons to Start a Business

    January 7

    There are good reasons to start a business, such as the freedom and flexibility, as well as bad reasons.