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How to Tell Your Family You're Quitting Your Job

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Stefan Schumacher

You’re done. You know you’re done. In fact, you’ve known it for a long time. You hate your boss and you can do what they’re doing better and more efficiently. You have a list of clients, you have a plan. You’re starting your own business. You’ll be your own boss. And even if it fails and least you won’t have to wonder, what if? What if I don’t try? What if I stay here?

You imagine it will be like Jerry Maguire. It won't be like Jerry Maguire. You'll probably give two weeks notice. You won't burn any bridges. You might have to go back some day.

But before all that, before you escape that seemingly interminable misery, you have to tell your family you're quitting your job. Your wife, your husband, your parents, your kids, your neighbors. You're not working there anymore. You're doing your own thing.

The Hard Parts of Quitting Your Job Will Be the Following:

  • No more steady paycheck.
  • No more Cadillac benefits package.
  • No more five weeks paid vacation.
  • No more certainty about the future.
  • No more playing it safe.

The Best Parts of Quitting Your Job Will Be the Following:

  • No more complaining about your job.
  • No more complaining about your boss.
  • No more horrible commute.
  • No more unfulfilled dreams.
  • No more bringing your stress home.

Because now you're doing what you want to do. Now you're taking a chance. This time it will be different. People will laugh at your company, people will come to work enthusiastic and hopeful. Everyone will learn something new every day.

There will be struggles. There will be bumps in the road. There will be times you'll wonder why you did it (Why did I quit my stupid job?). But in the end, when it's all said and done, you'll be happier. And when you get everything just the way you want it. When you have everything up and running and sales are starting to pick up, and you're starting to hire more people, and you're moving to a new office, and you're making twice as much money, you'll sit your family down and tell them: This is why I did this.

And you'll tell now about how that day is coming. How they can trust you. How you'll make it work. How this is the only way to get really rich. How much you love them for supporting you. How you've never been so excited. You feel alive again!

This is what you tell them.