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The Bonus is Back

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Stefan Schumacher

Small business owners are giving out more year-end bonuses than two years ago as their outlook on the economy improves. 

Two years ago, when we surveyed our small business customers, just more than half (52%) of them were giving out year-end or holiday bonuses. 

This year, 64% will hand out a bonus at the end of the year. 


Just less than half (49%) will also give gifts to their employees. 

SurePayroll Scorecard November 2016 Gifts and Cash

 Small business owners may be in a giving mood because their optimism about the economy has improved fairly dramatically from last month. In October, just 63% were optimistic about the economy. 

In November, 75% said they were optimistic about the economy. 

SurePayroll Scorecard November 2016 Optimism Trends