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Better Late Than Never: The Success of Older Entrepreneurs

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Stefan Schumacher

For anyone who thinks startups are just for younger entrepreneurs, they should consider the success of companies like Starbucks, IBM and GEICO. These companies, and many other huge successes, were started by entrepreneurs over 40.

While much attention is paid to the young billionaires out there, almost a quarter of new businesses are started by people older than 55, and that number appears to be rising.

And many of these businesses are in high-growth areas like computers, health care and aerospace.

So don't write anyone off when it comes to business success, because they're late to the game. In many cases, it's actually an advantage. Our infographic below takes a detailed look at the success of older entrepreneurs and offers a series of tips and insights that will be helpful to someone looking to start a business at any age.

Success of Older Entrepreneurs Infographic