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The Top 10 Stories in Small Business and Payroll 2015

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Stefan Schumacher

A lot happened in 2015. Small business owners were as optimistic as they’d been in a long time, and the majority of them had a profitable year. Interest rates and oil prices were at record lows, which served as a boost for about a third of small businesses.

The Payroll Blog, meanwhile, focused on what small business owners wanted to know most and how they could better their businesses in real, actionable ways. These were the top 10 stories they responded to - whether they were searching for it on Google, finding it on Facebook or reading about it as a customer of SurePayroll.


  1. The 5 Worst Ways to Fire Someone. Letting someone go is never easy, but there some ways to do it are worse than others. Our readers reacted very strongly to these five bad ideas for firing someone.
  2. How Much Money Do Star Wars Actors Make? The biggest movie...probably ever (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)...had people asking just how much those actors get paid? We found the answers.
  3. 5 Businesses with a High Failure Rate. Starting your own business can be risky, and some sectors are especially tough. But they might also be worth that risk if you can make a go of it.
  4. 8 Great Tools to Make You an Excel Expert. Many of our jobs live disproportionately in an Excel spreadsheet. So we took a deep dive with highly details tips on using the tool to your advantage.
  5. How to Handle the New Proposed Overtime Rules. Regulations is always a big worry for small businesses, and potential changes to overtime rules could have an impact.
  6. How to Run a Kick-Butt Kickstarter Campaign. Investors have pumped more than a $1 billion into the platform to help entrepreneurs and investors accomplish their goals. We break down how to make it work for you.
  7. Hashing Out the Almighty #Hashtag. It's a term people like to throw around a lot, but as to actually using them in a useful way for your business...we get into the nitty-gritty.
  8. How Billionaires Make Their Money: Are You on the Right Track? These entrepreneurs hit it big...really big. This is how they made their money.
  9. What You Should Know About S Corporations vs. LLCs. How you classify your business can make a crucial difference.
  10. The Anatomy of an Optimized Web Page. Your web presence is become increasingly important as a small business owner. The question is how do you make sure what you put up online has the best chance of being found - read this post and you will understand.