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two benefits drawback working weekends

Two Benefits, Drawbacks of Working on Weekends

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Business owners are known for working long hours. While you may be able to cut back on your hours as your business becomes established and you hire reliable help, it does not mean you should completely remove yourself from day to day operations.

The Monday through Friday work week is when most people get down to business. When the weekend rolls around, it is time for them to kick back and rest their mind and body.

Of course, there will always be business professionals who work the weekends.

There are both benefits and drawbacks of doing so. Let's start with two benefits:

  • When you work more hours it means you can get more done. Easy enough, right? It is easy to see that working seven days per week, as opposed to five, will allow you to complete more tasks.
  • Less distractions. Do you concentrate at a higher level when you are the only person around? When you work weekends, there is a good chance you will be the only one at the office.

Now that you are aware of some of the good that comes with working weekends, here are two drawbacks:

  • The possibility of burnout. More hours may mean more production. It may also lead to a situation in which you are burning out, beginning to feel that you need to take some time away.
  • Less time for other areas of your life. Are you neglecting your family by working on weekends? How about your friends? Has this led to your favorite hobbies taking a backseat? Remember, it is important to have a solid work-personal life balance.

At some point, you may experiment with working on weekends. If you find yourself in this position, keep a close watch on both the good and the bad. This will allow you to make the necessary adjustments as you continue forward.