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what accountants should offer small businesses

What Accountants Should Offer Small Businesses

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John Huddleston

Making sure that your small business clients get the most out of their experience can seem challenging at times. However, if you want your accounting firm to be successful you have to give them an irresistible amount of service. Today, I will be sharing some strategies to grow your client base by providing your small business clients with a remarkable experience. These strategies have grown out of my experience working with my own firm, Huddleston Tax CPAs.

Save Them Money

Accounting fees can be large for a small business just starting out. More than likely, they will still be monitoring their finances a few times a week to see just what they are benefiting from having you on board. If they see that, you are helping them keep a positive cash flow and helping their income increase, they have no problem keeping you on board.

You can save them money by:

  • Helping them obtain a significant tax break
  • Helping them set up a business retirement plan
  • Avoid IRS scrutiny

Staying Up to Date on Federal & State Tax Laws and Other Regulations

One of the main reasons you were hired by this company is because they do not have the time to make sure that they are following the law to a "t". This means you have to know about every update on both the state and federal level that applies to their small business.

Accurate Records

The owner should be able to ask you about some financial activity at any given time and you should be able to provide them with an accurate number. This is only achieved by making sure that you maintain accurate records at all times. Numerous cloud storage options are available that make doing this a breeze. You also have to be prepared to have everything up to date in case and IRS audit takes place.

Keep Jargon Simple

Many small business owners want to stay in the loop. Therefore, when you are notifying them of a change or giving a weekly report you want to make sure that they can understand what you are saying. If by chance you are working for an international company or work for a company it can help to have some bilingual staff onboard.

Keep Business and Personal Accounts Separate

Many small business owners look at their business income as being an extension to their personal income, however, this is not the case. Your job is to make sure that they are keeping their business and personal expenses separate a not combined. This is something that is especially important when it comes time to report income to the IRS.

Closing Thoughts

The small business hired you so you could help them stay on top of all of the financial aspects of running a business. Therefore, it is your job to make sure that they get the best experience possible and view you as an asset to their company. The advice that I've provided today will allow you to do just that.