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  • ROI Basics for Your Small Business

    March 25

    Think about how you spend money on your business. Are you doing so in hopes of achieving growth?

  • How To Sell More Services During a Client Meeting

    March 21

    Developing relationships with your customers allows you to get to know their needs and identify services they are not currently using that they could benefit from. When selling services you are really selling expertise in an area where you and your team have more experience, training and knowledge. 

  • The 3 Simple Ways We Recognize Employees

    March 20

    Employee recognition is a $46 billion “industry,” according to the Incentive Marketing Association. That’s a lot of money spent on plaques. Yet, according to a study by Bersin & Associates, 87 percent of organizations focus on tenure-based employee recognition programs (here’s your 10-year anniversary pen) and the result is they do almost nothing to improve performance or engagement.

  • 3 Best Apps for Managing Email

    March 20

    If you are the type of person who relies heavily on email for business communication, you know one thing to be true: staying organized can be extremely difficult. And as you know, a lack of organization can lead to wasted time as well as missed opportunities.

  • How to End a Meeting Without Offending the Client

    March 19

    When it comes to client meetings, preparing an agenda and keeping a schedule to end a meeting on time is important. It lets your client know your time is valuable. 

  • Avoiding the Top Small Business Tax Pitfalls

    March 14

    Ensuring you don’t fall victim to these tax traps will help you avoid hefty IRS fines, whether you’re just starting out or running your business day-to-day.

  • What You Should Know About S Corporations vs. LLCs

    March 10

    In the alphabet soup world of business structures, the trend lines are clear: The 900-pound gorillas known as “S Corporations” are under assault from the hard-charging “LLCs.”

  • Top 5 Nanny Payroll Mistakes [Update]

    March 9

    As our lives seemingly becoming busier and busier with work, family and all of the logistical complications that come with these responsibilities, having a reliable nanny is a necessity for many parents.

  • How to Stop Workplace Bullying

    March 9

    Unfortunately, sometimes work can be a little like high school – a bunch of people with only mild commonalities are thrown together and expected to co-exist. Sometimes they make great friends, other times they’re arch enemies.

  • How to Make a Great User Interface

    March 8

    We recently went through the process of redesigning our product’s user interface. As an entirely online service, this was obviously a very important project for our business.

  • How to Design an Email Marketing Program That Keeps Your Audience Reading

    March 4

    Email marketing is more than product announcements and discounts. Learn how to research and create outside-the-inbox email marketing campaigns that keep your audience coming back for more.

  • 7 Ways to Reduce the Risks of a Home-Based Business

    March 4

    A home-based business can offer the best of both worlds: You can earn a nice income while keeping your overhead costs low. Your hours are flexible, and you can work in your pajamas if you like. Given the advantages, it’s no wonder that the U.S. Census reports that more than half (51.6%) of all small businesses are run from home.

  • Top 10 Tips for Launching Your Startup and Building a Payroll

    March 3

    It starts with an idea—and often times it stops there. How many times have you heard someone talk about a great idea for a product or business, a startup?  Turning that great idea into a business takes determination, passion, creativity and endurance—among other things.  In fact, the entrepreneur’s path is the road less traveled with twists and turns; pivots and pirouettes; and stops and starts.  Starting a business is riddled with risks and rewards—and it’s not for the faint of heart.

  • Top 3 Home Business Deduction Questions

    February 25

    As a small business owner, there are many tax tips you can follow in the new year. With the April tax filing deadline closing in, now is the time to get organized and to answer any questions that may be on your mind.

  • Hiring: How to Decide Between Two Equal Candidates?

    February 20

    If you’re charge of hiring someone, deciding who to hire can be a colossal challenge. How are you going to compare one applicant to the next? How are you going to make a final decision? How will you know if you made the right choice? These are all questions that are sure to be on your mind.

  • 5 Qualities Successful Businesses Have in Common

    February 16

    Did you know there are tens of millions of businesses operating in the United States? Did you also know that a high percentage of businesses fail?

  • How to Open a Small Restaurant

    February 16

    Many people share the dream of opening a small restaurant, however, only a select few move forward in doing so. Of those, some achieve success but many find themselves struggling to stay in business.

  • Payroll Mistakes that Benefit Employees

    February 13

    For employees, it’s almost as good as hitting the lottery–they open their paychecks or log on to their bank accounts and find extra money courtesy of the company. 

  • Workers' Compensation and Keeping Your Employees Safe

    February 11

    One of the many “surprises” of becoming a small business owner is something called workers’ compensation insurance. Yes, if you have any employees, you need it. And, yes, it might be expensive.

  • Do I Pay Corporate Taxes or Personal Income Taxes?

    February 10

    Ahh, it’s tax season. As Albert Einstein once said, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” But Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”