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3 aviation ideas ready for take off - plane in hanger

3 Aviation Small Business Ideas Ready for Takeoff

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For some, there is no industry more appealing than the aviation industry. Maybe you have your pilot’s license. Or maybe you simply enjoy flying as a passenger. Regardless, you know there is no better time than now to turn your passion into a business.

Here is the million dollar question: what type of aviation-related small business will you start? There are many options, including but not limited to:

  1. Private jet charter. The business aviation industry is on the rise, employing more than one million Americans and generating approximately $150 billion in annual economic activity. Are you ready to get in on the action? As your company grows, more and more people will turn to you when they have a need to fly. The comfort and convenience of flying private, as opposed to commercial, is enough to push many travelers in this direction.
  2. Aircraft wash company. A clean aircraft is an attractive aircraft. This is why airlines and private owners spend so much time and money on this. Despite the challenges, such as landing your first contract, there is money to be made in this business. Best yet, startup capital is minimal and you don't need much or any experience. After all, you aren't flying the plane. You are simply making it look good.
  3. Flight school. Are you a practicing pilot? Did you fly the open skies for many years? If you have the appropriate knowledge and experience, it may be time to share it with others. Starting a flight school can be expensive, but the profit potential is huge. You already have the knowledge. Now all you need is a license to teach and a place to get started.

Additional aviation small business ideas include:

  • Aircraft sales and leasing
  • Aircraft catering
  • Aircraft maintenance service

It is common to believe that all aviation small business ideas cost an arm and a leg, however, this is untrue. Some will require a large upfront investment, while others allow you to get started with very little capital. All you have to do is match your experience and passion with your level of capital. From there, the perfect idea will present itself.