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Payroll Tax Management Services

Making small business tax management easier

Learn how to avoid mistakes and comply with the law.

Learn how to avoid mistakes and comply with the law.

Simplify Your Payroll Taxes

Payroll tax management can be complex. As a small business owner, you handle federal, state, and local payroll taxes, along with your own taxes. Mistakes can be costly, so consider online payroll software for your small business. Here are key points to understand.

Stay Compliant with State and Local Laws

SurePayroll supports over 6,000 active U.S. tax codes, including complex ones like Washington and Pennsylvania. We monitor wage base limits and compliance mandates at the federal, state, local, city, and county levels to ensure you stay compliant in whichever state you are.

Simplify Your Tax Forms

Taxes come with paperwork, and as a small business owner, you're responsible for handling various forms. The IRS website has all the forms you’ll need to start out. When onboarding employees, you'll need Form W4 and Form I-9. Speedy processing starts with prompt form distribution. Consider a direct deposit form for seamless payroll—no paper checks. Small business owners also have their own tax forms to manage. For instance, entrepreneurs often file Form 1040-ES for quarterly taxes. Stay vigilant on deadlines to avoid late fees.

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